Who doesn’t love working remote? Many more businesses are offering remote work for employees and the studies are showing that options make for happier employees. SSi Consulting has been a “remote” office for the last 10 years and we all work remote. Most of us love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the years, there have been a few employees that couldn’t handle working remote. For them, they need the separation, or their households were not set up to work. Some just prefer to be in an office and have that team collaboration and impromptu meetings that happen in a office environment. Our solution for this is offices in shared executive work facilities. With so many great collaboration tools now available, staying connected wherever you work is easy!  We use Microsoft Teams and it works great!

Cloud to the rescue

We work with many different types of companies searching for new technology to make their lives and the lives of their employees better. Cloud solutions have really helped push this movement forward and especially for finance and accounting teams, which traditionally are the last hold outs of “must be in the office”. In the past, they had to be in the office to get the mail, receive and deposit checks or their IT department had their accounting software locked down with an on-premise server which could only be accessed in the office. That is all changing with systems like Sage Intacct, Business Central and Unanet, three of the leading Cloud ERP products.

Living in the DC area, one of the worst traffic areas in the country, has many companies planning and implementing cloud accounting software so finally their finance teams can enjoy the benefits of working remotely. Snail mail is often just junk mail and payments are more often made via ACH or credit card so having to come to can office is no longer required.

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Wouldn’t you rather have this view from your office?

Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President, Business Development