Sage Intacct and Guidestar

I love to share news that makes me happy! This month Sage Intacct announced that in the new release, due out May 18th, there will be a new Sage Intacct Non-Profit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar. Imagine the possibilities when two “powerhouses” working for Non-profits, like Guidestar and Sage Intacct get together! It’s going to be great!

Sage Intacct and GuideStar have entered into an exclusive partnership to raise the bar and help nonprofits communicate their unique value. This powerful tool will allow Non-Profits to easily manage their financial health and stability. This is such great news for Nonprofit organizations and especially for those Non-Profits that are using Sage Intacct!

With the Sage Intacct Non-profit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar, Non-Profits can:

• Gain real-time visibility into key revenue and revenue sources
• Monitor organization health with key metric using visualization
• Guide discussions with “Questions to Consider”
• Navigate directly to GuideStar for industry benchmarking and comparing to other similar Non-Profits

Read the full announcement, watch the video, and you’ll understand why I’m so happy to share this news. I’d love to hear from you if you have questions on what it means to your organization.

Suzy Zgorsik, Assistant Vice President