Red heart balloons

What are you getting for Valentine’s Day?

Sage Intacct is giving their customers more reasons to Love Sage Intacct this February!

It is no wonder the AICPA endorses Sage Intacct as the preferred Cloud ERP solution for mid-market companies. The new features continue to roll out each quarter and February is no exception. Many cloud products roll out new features automatically and Sage Intacct continues to innovate and create great new functionality for their product.

Here is my list of 3 favorites from the release coming out later this month.

1. Approvals – who isn’t looking for approval these days? From our social media posts to career recognition, people are always looking for approvals of their work. Sage Intacct has delivered again by enhancing the AP workflow to include approvals on AP Bills when they are entered into the system. This new approval workflow is in additional to the already robust purchasing workflow that Sage Intacct has had for a long time. Now the AP Bills can have workflow and approval history associated with them to enhance the already powerful AP processing in Sage Intacct. Maybe the next release will include some of those new Emoji’s released in 2019! I think I will put that in as a suggestion. Then I can stamp my AP Bills with the new gold heart next to my favorite vendors and those saving me money on something I purchased!

2. Bank Reconciliation gets a power boost! Now with the new Bank Reconciliation features, a higher volume of transactions can flow through and reduce the time of taken to reconcile your bank accounts. Not only can you do choose how to do your Bank Recs (Automated or manual) but now you can filter and sort to make the process even smoother. Sage Intacct has stated for years their goal is to reduce the time of the monthly close cycle and this is just another improvement towards customers achieving that goal!

3. Dynamic Allocation tools also continues to be enhanced. Now you can group allocations together and run them at the same time, again saving you time for the monthly close. Allocations can be complex and utilizing the new Dynamic Allocations module you have a lot of flexibility in how you manage those allocations. Your new family of allocations can be run automatically at the end of each month without having to manually create the allocations.

Sage Intacct delivers again showing their innovation and love for making their customers accounting lives easier and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President, Business Development